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I'm a big fan of your work, and therefore I felt it necessary to encourage you to keep going with these. The satire in this short piece does not deserve the low star score currently. Keep it up, buddy.

RyanHatesMilk responds:

Thanks man. I find it hard to fit in around the rest of my life now, so I can't see me pumping out much very soon, but I never stop thinking of new cartoons I want to make... I think it's a part of me now haha. Thanks again for your comment. I need words like these now and again.

There's some good comedy (not original, perhaps), but it's not great. Nice try!

For a first animation it's not bad, but it's been done to death, sadly. Keep it up though :)

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Yes, I beat it in less than 5 mins, but as a concept it has a lot of potential to become a fuller game. Well done!

This is a really fun game - I really do.

Thing is, with a name encompassing Nevada with a character using a gun... just feels like incredibly bad timing. I am actually surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

io3creations responds:

Probably wasn't mentioned, because:
1) Those that commented are familiar with the Madness series.
2) The game was uploaded two days prior to the incident.

10/10 for pure badassery.

What a game. Too young to have played the NES, I at least got a few of the references. I loved the gameplay - I won't lie, the game is tough but its meant to be. Not all things have to be sugarcoated.

As a labour of love, this is top marks. As a game, it transcends even that. Love it.

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It sounds absolutely gorgeous! :D

This is back to the classic Bitium we know and love. LOVE it. Its one of your best tracks, and as you used one of my favourite FFVII tracks, you get extra kudos frome me. BRILLIANT.

Just lovely.

It sounds like it belongs in a video game. It's expertly put together, I love it.

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I really like this one! Hope you are well Troisnyx


Holy crap Troinyx this is absolutely beautiful!

It is incredibly beautiful. You are very good at more abstract pieces. You should be do so as a business, asking for comission. People would lap it up!

Troisnyx responds:

Once I'm allowed to do so, I will most certainly look into it.

Just leave me alone!




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